I am back home…

…. and I still like gorgeous furniture! 😉

Quick tip to overcome jet lag: Look at some nice warm pictures. And if these pictures happen to be of Tucker Robbins furniture, well, rest assured, your jet is no longer lagged! While I adored the raw lines of this ‘monk turned world traveller turned designer’, I gasped at these beautiful images on his site. Do take a look…and tell me what you like!

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  1. The designs are just beautiful. So beautiful I requested their catalog a while, ago. I would love love love the ‘Africa’ bed you show above. But at $10,000 including the headboard it’s sadly a bit out of my range.
    The photographs really are inspirational though.

  2. I like the low floor tables. I was visiting my girlfriends new home and instead of a desk, she has a gorgeous, huge floor table where she does all her work on her computer and writing, etc. while sitting on a pillow. I love it.

  3. Hi Bhavna!

    Have not visited in a little while…and I see you have me on your links. Thanks and I will link you too!

    Your blog is fantastic!


  4. Glad you are back. Loved the furnture posts- they are very organic. When can we look furward to a new bazaar? (I especially like fabrics).