There are photographers..

And then, there is Janne Peters,


whose photography,


makes you hold your breath


while your heart skips a beat or two




glimpses of the orient



simple flower arrangement – and so beautifully photographed

The pink painting against the rough wall, wood and ceramic against the stone wall…absolutely adore these images..

I can feel the quiet of this chateaux, and can almost hear the drip of the water from this tap..

Pink, Mauve and White – eternal combination
Waiter – There are white flowers in my jelly!

Need I say anything…anything at all?
These images will speak to you…
[All images from Janne]


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  1. What amazing pictures!!! Oh I could slip into any one of them at any moment… I’m humming the new “country boats” song!!!!

  2. the Ball lives on – just click on the links (stars) and away you go…
    or click on Stephanie and peruse her book in progress…

    thanks for visiting – you have a BEautiful blog…

    xox – eb.

  3. OH YES Bhavna!
    Each photograph so simple yet so elegant. Very peaceful to look at. Jamie make it look easy, but it’s not! Her work is like poetry!
    The woman in the first photo? I’d wear her outfit gratefully!

    Thanks for coming by today. You brightened my day!

  4. the kitchen of my dreams…definitely the pink painting against the rough wall…..and….the glimpses of the orient are stunning…..thank you for showing these beautiful images!