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The Royal Retreat – Devi Garh

18th century fort palace, nestled in the Aravalli ranges of Rajasthan
Designed by architect Navin Gupta and interior specialist Rajiv Saini
Years of effort to create a distinctive fusion design and ambience
Presenting Devi Garh


Design which is minimalistic and ornamental at the same time. Perfect harmony of traditional elegance with modern design sensibilities
With a little ingenuity and select artefacts, similar ambience could be created in our homes!


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  1. thanks for posting these…so inspiring. just dicovered your blog…I’m a graphic designer from delhi too. Keep up the posts.

  2. I love the fusion of modern and time honored tradition in these gorgeous photos! This is just the style I wish to achieve in my home 🙂 Thank you!!! Your blog is to live for!

  3. Hello Pachchai! Yikes, I have been tagged! I have the toughest time thinking stuff about myself! 😉

    But well, thank you for tagging me, and over the weekend, I shall put on my thinking cap…and put down the first 8 interesting facts which come to my mind in a post!

  4. Yes Jenn, that is exactly what I liked about these rooms!

    Thank you Gee :). Well, I can assure you that India would be an memorable experience – so plan that trip!

  5. beautiful blog! Design is nothing without nature. It’s the fusion of the two that makes design so interesting. 🙂
    Would love to visit india!