Copenhagen Wilderness

Juila Catherine Thies has been a lady in shining aesthetically pleasing armour for me the last couple of days. Stunning images of her home in the Swedish wilderness and her travel images from around Scandinavia have pulled me out of lower-than-low kind of lockdown blues. It has now been four months that I haven’t felt the grass beneath my feet or felt the joy that comes from that first glimpse of mountains or forests. Stuck in the city and with no hope of travel any time soon, Juila’s blog and Instagram account have been my virtual escape and mojo replenisher. There will come a day, when the world will open up, people would step out of their cities and countries, and that day, I will have my bags packed and bucket list ready, of the forests I’ll explore and the mountains I’ll climb. Till then, let’s you and me, travel the Scandinavian wilderness and it’s pretty cabins and cottages, courtesy Juila.


{All Images: Copenhagen Wilderness}

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  1. What a great place! I could stay there for months!

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