Studio Faeger

I had stumbled upon this absolutely adorable attic bedroom when I did a post on Molly Mahon, and that led to the discovery of the lovely Studio Faeger.

Led by Founder Victoria Barker, Studio Faeger is a London and Cotswold based interior design studio creating unforced and personable spaces with an unique identity, defining the beauty between the space, objects within and the being. Victoria believes a home is given a soul through the use of interesting and playful shapes, texture and form, created from an old love of antique textiles, oversized and interesting artwork and soulful decorative elements.

I have fallen in love with Victoria’s charming cottage in Cotswold. As you browse through her instagram images, you can see how each and every piece of art, furniture or fabric has been carefully selected. Take a look at this cozy home, and in the current context of things, imagine yourself quarantined here 🙂

{All Images: Studio Faeger}

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  1. Lovely cottage it is. Every corner of house is uniquely designed. Loved it.

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