Casa Josephine

Oh man! These times are trying times. It’s becoming harder and harder to remain upbeat and think of anything else apart from what’s happening to the world right now. Mornings are supposed to herald a new day, but these days, each morning brings the same, and progressively worsening news. I am oscillating between worry for my loved ones, despair for humanity and then, sudden spurts of never-say-die effervescent spirit. There are flashes of blind optimism and the sense of reassurance and faith that we will get through, albeit with battle scars and lessons that will last us the rest of our lifetime. I know that while all of us, collectively, are in the same boat [ha, and I am reminded of another boat from another time – a certain Noah and his ark], each one of us is sailing through the days and weeks, in our unique ways, with our individual struggles and victories. I, as I paddle through these stormy waters, continue to send each one of you immense love, and large doses of visuals that inspired us and made us happy, in normal times [bite sized doses every day here & here]. This, brief moment of beauty and delight, is one of the many little things that will keep us sane.

Today, for your viewing pleasure, the effortless beauty of Casa Josephine, lovingly put together by the creative duo – Iñigo Aragón and Pablo López Navarro. Read more about this beautiful B&B here

{All Images: Casa Josephine, Casa Josephine on Instagram}



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  2. Ruth

    The most gorgeous place I’ve seen in a long time – I can get through this by pretending I have a trip planned to this place when its over.

  3. Tordo Hélène

    Hello Bhavna ! Please please, do not let down ! I am always waiting for your beautiful and dreamy photos. Here from France, we are many who think of you and hope you manage. Best wishes and courage !

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