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Hitanshu Bhatt!
This is one of those posts. In which I go overboard. Which take me an entire day to put together because I can’t decide what to leave out. For everything is so striking. Achingly beautiful. The possibilities are endless. I start feeling like a pseudo artist just by the virtue of playing around with the visual boards. It is work that inspires me. Work that makes me feel good that there are such immensely talented and creative folks around us. Welcome to snapshots from the portfolio of Hitanshu Bhatt.
Hitanshu is an artist based out of Bombay, India. I chanced upon his work on Instagram and saw that he was the creative photographer behind the gorgeous product shoots and mood boards for Gaatha, one of my favorite boutiques. He has done some superb work as a visual designer, a graphic designer and an art director apart from his growing portfolio as a photographer. Hitanshu showcases his work on Behance and on Instagram, and I must warn you – both his accounts are a visual explosion – in a good way! Make sure you have time to spare when you click above links as it would be hard to tear yourself away from the gorgeous images.

In Hitanshu’s words:

"Design is an endless passion for me. Whether it’s visual art, photography, graphic design or art direction. I love to explore different creative areas on a different platform. Music is a source of my creative energy. I get inspired from everything around me – nature, movies, music, people, impression etc. I am creating a beautiful story, which reflects Indian roots merging in to beautiful abstract form."

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[Credits | Images: Hitanshu Bhatt, Styling for Gaatha Images: Shivani Dhar, Visual Boards and Story: An Indian Summer]

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  1. Wonderful compositions! Achingly beautiful, like you put it!

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