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There She Goes

There She Goes Again!
It is happening. Finally. Infact, it is happening tomorrow. Tomorrow evening to be precise. I am moving. Moving cities. Leaving on a jet plane. Yes, songs about leaving and moving are at the tip of my tongue. For all our momentous and non-momentous moments in life have an associated playlist. Let there be music, they said, especially when you are about to embark on the adventure of a lifetime!
If my consistent rambling over the past few months about Goa wasn’t a clear enough indicator, these pics will leave no doubt as to where I am heading. A desire to stay closer to nature, out of the big city, a place that will inspire me, and be a wanderer for a few years led to this brilliant flash of inspiration last October, when I told my furball, Let’s move to Goa! That was then, and after months of patient searching and planning, here we are! The bags are packed. The first C of the three C’s, ie Cartons of books, are already on their way. The other two C’s – the Car and the Cat will follow in a month’s time. Speaking of the Cat, it’s this madcap bundle of fur, claws and whiskers that is totally ruling my heart and mind right now. Here I thought I would be all joyous and merry and spring-in-step-y on the eve of departure to Goa, but it’s breaking my heart to leave my boy behind. As I cry I-love-yous and I-will-miss-yous in the furry ears, he swishes his tail in impatience and waits for me to get it together and get moving, for the love of wet food! [cat & dog minions will get that analogy]. And of course, I have enough fur in my luggage and clothes to knit myself a brand new kitten once I am in Goa. Where thou luggage lies, thou cat shall lie there too – that, is the 614th commandment.
So, I will be in Goa, my kittens, Goa! I have found myself a little studio overlooking the sea [the pic above is the view, ahem]. There are thousand and one things that I am excited about, things that I am planning to do when in Goa – in work, leisure, travel, and I can’t wait to share the adventure with you! Goa is the beginning, and I dream, hope and plan to wander through many cities and countries in the coming years, before settling in to warm my feet in front of a crackling fire in a cottage high up in the Himalayas. Wish me luck and love, my munchkins, and do join me!

As always, catch the action as it happens, on instagram

I will see you next week, once I am settled in. Already have a line-up of beautiful posts for you – a lovely home tour and a brilliant home photo-shoot by one of my favorite photographers. Plus plus, Goa and the immense creativity and loveliness of Goa is going to be a frequent visitor on An Indian Summer now. Keep reading!

[All images: An Indian Summer. Last Image: Scribbled on illustration by Lov_e]

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  1. That's amazing…having travelled around 10 times to Goa in the last two years – I am so jealous! have fun, and can't wait to see your goa posts!

  2. Wow!!! I actually thought you were moving to Bombay and am a tad disappointed that you aren't! But Goa should be magical… Here's wishing you lots of good times and many adventures in this new phase of your life!