It’s kismet  that Kismet Jewell Nakai and I ‘met’ each other in the virtual world. Like the face that launched a thousand ships, an absolutely ethereal photograph shot by Kismet, that was part of my diwali inspiration mood boards, launched a full fledged post!
 Kismet and her stylist friend/partner April Sher Bhaika, conceptualize, style, create and capture magical moments via The Unreal Bride. Not limiting themselves to just wedding photography, they have experimented with a bunch of other conceptual shoots and also offer to make any moment that celebrates love and life, into a memorable one.
What I love love about The Unreal Bride was just how thoughtfully styled each shoot is. There is a certain elegance, an old world charm, opulent yet subtle accessories and props, without it being too stuffy. You can see and feel from the pictures that the photographer, the stylist and the subject had fun while shooting! With rich heritage saris and textiles, combination of modern and heirloom jewelry, the would-be and the already brides caught candid in various moods, the color and the lush setting that is so Indian in its mood – each shot is a visual delight!
Take a look at Kismet’s photography portfolio here, and take a stroll through the stories and gorgeous imagery from the The Unreal Bride photo shoots right here.

In Kismet’s own words:

“I started as a photographer back in 2008 officially. I chanced upon my love for photography rather late in life and went through a number of jobs before actually realizing that I wouldn’t mind taking photos all my life. Sitting with a friend, we started talking about the wedding industry and how it would be a fun idea to do different photo shoots of brides – something atypical. You see it a lot in fashion but not with real brides, so we thought the combination of my photography and April’s styling – we could do some real fun stuff. The blog – The Unreal Bride, was meant to be a way to advertise what we did, but instead we started blogging a lot more and we enjoyed it! From there we have done loads of fun projects, which have varied from wedding stuff to food photography to all sorts of things!” 

[Kismet and April]
You can connect with The Unreal Bride via email or through their facebook page.
[All Images Copyright: The Unreal Bride. Creative Storyboarding: An Indian Summer]


  1. i'm in love of those pictures. thanks for sharing such a piece of art. they are just damn beautiful..

  2. I love these pictures. They look great. Thanks for sharing them!

  3. such evocative pictures!!beautiful!!

  4. I love the vintage glam vibe!


  5. Stunning photos. Bhavana, you've found kindred spirits. It's kismet, as they say!

  6. Wow! Thanks so much for this- you make us sound pretty awesome 😛

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