Let’s say you are in Spain..

And your best friend is in Morocco
Isn’t it the solemn duty of this blog to bring you two together?
These rooms and I
Have been having this conversation
Over jugs of sangria and cups of mint tea
And we said
Enough is enough!
Let’s get these best friends to meet!
Best friends aka Room Pairs
Elle Spain and Al Hossoun in Morocco
Pair 1
Pair 2 
 Pair 3
[It’s ok. They might not ‘look’ like best friends, but they do feel strongly for each other]
Pair 4
Pair 5
And finally,
Pair 6
Drop me a note
If ever
You are in Spain, and
Your best friend is in Morocco
The blog and I will see what we can do 🙂
[Images from Spain and Morocco. Creative bonding exercise: An Indian Summer]

Drop me a note

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  1. Oh how I love Moroccan Style. So earthy and not afraid of color or pattern.
    The brass accessories are my favorite!