Just in case you forgot

 It’s 2013 folks!
Just how have you been, my dearest lovely readers?
I missed you
 And then I missed you some more
 So I ordered my mojo to stop gallivanting and report to me pronto
And the moment it did..
I sprinted, zipped, galloped
Back to you! 
I am back, my fabulous readers
Hope the year has kicked off well for you
I’ll be seeing you
Frequently, regularly, often, and every other day! 🙂
Do drop in to say hello!
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Comments (17)

  1. You brighten my world, make my day, inspire me to create, and at the very very least, purchase myself a bouquet of fresh flowers from the market to bring home to my little spot in this world. I hope that you had a really nice break. I am very happy to see your return. Hugs, Norma, x

  2. Welcome back. I'm a new reader, but already a devoted one having spent hours over the Christmas break indulging in your wonderful posts.

    Thanks, more please!!