For the love of God!

For God is in the details
It’s the little things that have caught my eye today
Not the room
Not the ambiance
But the styling
This painting here
That arrangement there
This decor piece
Those flowers 
Hope these tidbits inspire you
As much as they inspired me 🙂
[All images from the fabulous Lonny]

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  1. It's amazing how every little detail adds to the magic of a Home. It's in the small corners of a house that you will discover the true nature of the homemaker. Lovely pictures. thanks for sharing.

  2. They are all so stunning! I love the first picture the best. I love elephants! I've been collecting for a while now, although I haven't bought any new ones in a long time. But I do love them and plan to add more to my collection eventually. That would definitely be a great addition!

    Awesome post!