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  1. Indian interiors are just so simply amazing! That blue stand-up cabinet…a must-get! I have been looking all around for something blue and something worth it. That blue cabinet is definitely a perfect addition for home collections. The vase and kettle are ancient treasures. They accentuate plain walls and one-shaded surroundings. Thank you for the chic selections you’ve posted.

  2. Oh my goodness, had to pin several of these. Very inspiring! I especially love the displayed garment. Thank you for sharing that with us.

  3. Any ? Lets see.. the Tibetian chest, the blue cupboard, the blue chest ( which is giving me an idea ! ) and that powder purple wall ! <3

  4. Oh, I am drooling over the furniture – and you have renewed my inspiration! I love to paint old furniture – I have one piece I bought years ago that is definitely Indonesian (not old, but gorgeous & made to look old). I use it as a desk & started to think of changing the natural color to my favorite blue. That's drastic with something that's already beautiful – but that blue chest (with the mirror & bowl of fruit) has similar lines & is the exact color I wanted. Now I just might do it…