After Vacation Blues

Is what I have right now!
I am back in town 
After a week in the hills
Refreshed by the crisp mountain air
And, eager to turn around and go back
As soon as I can 🙂
The lovely cottage Dak Bangla Homes in Himachal Pradesh

Carpet of daisies covered the hills

Lazy afternoons in the cottage
My recipe for getting over the vacation blues is to start planning the next one! And I have stumbled onto another pretteh place today while browsing through my favorite travel sites. Don’t go anywhere, the aforementioned pretteh place coming up in the next post! 
[All images by me]

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  1. I am in Love with your work and this pic reminds me of ma time in Kasuli… dusky .. balmy evenings

  2. What gorgeous pictures! I am transported to a mountain cottage just looking at them!