An Indian Summer & Lomograhy

What a fabulous start to this month! In a little box, I got my very own Diana F+ camera, courtesy Lomography India! Lomography India and An Indian Summer would collaborate on an independent project this month and next, where I would get to take pictures of, well, anything and everything! The helpful peeps over at Lomography India will help develop not only the photo rolls, but also my analog photography skills. You guys have seen me fiddle with digital photography on the blog often [here, here too and here as well as an example], and now, you shall see my experiments with this cute little camera too.

And, that’s not all! I won’t be the only one gallivanting with a new camera, folks! At the end of this project, An Indian Summer will host a fun contest for all it’s readers, their friends and family, their grocer and baker, and other sundry folks they like, giving them a chance to win a Diana F+ of their own! Isn’t that cool? I would really love for one of You to win this, and then, you and I can share our fancy tricks with the camera over glasses of chilled lemonade 🙂 More on the contest will come later, so make sure to keep checking in!
[Image: Instagram-ed at home by moi. Contest Sponsor: Lomography India, Lomography India on Facebook]


  1. Wow. ,,.that camera is so cute,,

  2. Sounds wonderful Bhavna:-) Have fun with the Diana F+.
    Analog is a completely different experience.


  3. Yay New Project!

  4. sounds like fun!! ^_^ hehehe!!

  5. Anonymous

    Happy clicking!! 🙂

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