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Falling for fall

Do you feel the nip in the air?
I certainly do!
I feel myself gravitating towards
Cozy throws, warm spicy soups, the idea of fireplaces,
Autumnal rooms…

…endless cups of jasmine tea, the warmth of late afternoon sun, evenings of musical soirees, the feel of feather light wraps, the occasional sudden sneeze…
 I so love this time of the year! 🙂

[All images via Clayoquot. Link reference via the superb LovelyVelo]

P.S: The shiny new logo for An Indian Summer is ready! I’ll be sharing the new look next week, and, will share all the other designs that came in, tomorrow. Do come back tomorrow to ooh aah over the pretteh designs that came in!

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  1. Lovely findings! The first image is especially amazing, the light is beautiful and I love the bedside stool with everything on it! So homey and relaxing!