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The Majlis

I was so mesmerised by these photos on one of my favorite blogs The Cherry Blossom Girl, that I had to share them with you. Alix, has shared her trip to Kenya here, and taken these photographs at The Majlis Resort in Lamu, Kenya.




The Majlis Resort has a strong Indian and Moroccan influence, and while everything put together in a room gets a bit too much for me, I fell in love with some of furniture pieces and the rugs.


Sigh. Pack our bags, shall we?

[Image credits and copyright: First six and last image from The Cherry Blossom Girl. Rest: The Majlis Resort]

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  1. beautiful, i love the bedroom, the idea of mostly white with a smattering of bright colours… that really speaks to me

  2. Wow what a brilliant place. I love the detail in the decor and the art is fantastic. Especially the two 'naivistic paintings' in the living area – love!

    The sleepy cat is too cute! 🙂

    Have a lovely weekend.

    xx Charlotta
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