She says Hello!

Para pa..
Come on join the joy ride
Join the joy ride!

I am writing this post listening to the ipod playlist version of my 90’s mix tape. Sorry for not dropping in last week…I was busy with a photo shoot at our home. And while the professional photographer set the stage with some very fancy equipment and angles and lighting, I pranced about taking shots of my own from my shiny little camera. I’ll share more details about the shoot once the publication is out. In the meantime, kindly to make do with what my camera and I shot:  

And, what else is lined up for this week? A delicious post about a super talented young designer and an exciting contest! So do come back soon! And have a great week…now that the week has started, the weekend is just around the corner!
[All pics taken by me at home]

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  1. Thank you girls!:D

    Sumana: Yes, they are jasmine 🙂 I keep a bowl of floating fragrant flowers in each room…best 'room perfume'! And the black and white cushion – wait a few more months, I'll get those for you! 🙂

  2. Lovely shots from your little camera. Photoshoot must have been exciting !!! dying to know the details :).And your black & white cushion , I want one please.Are those arabian jasmines floating in the bowl ? Love your home.

  3. Hello Bhavna, You have an excellent excellent taste…and if the pictures above are from your home ..then they are amazing , a perfect blend…of modern yet very traditional …glad I follow you 🙂

    Take care