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What better way to get back from a hiatus than share with you that what has been inspiring me lately. Some incredibly talented and enterprising young designers, who are establishing a distinct identity for themselves and a rapidly increasing fan base for their beautifully crafted fabrics and products. Take a look at some of my favorite creative peeps:   

Kangan Arora

Kangan Arora is a textile designer and freelance photographer based in London. I chanced upon her work via facebook, and have been a fan since. Her work draws inspiration from observing the often uncelebrated facets and details of popular Indian culture to create beautiful handcrafted textiles and products for home. Kangan’s blog, where she shares her journey as a designer and quirky finds, is as delightful as her work.

*Find Kangan here: Blog, Etsy, Facebook*


Mora means ‘mine’. Ritika Mittal, the gorgeous creator of this dream, works with India’s original artisans, the rural weavers, and transforms a beautiful piece of traditional fabric into contemporary, wearable work of art. In the six yards of a sari, you can find textures, motifs, weaves and art from the remotest corners of the country. I also love how Ritika, and her partner mom Madhu, celebrate the traditional Indian expression of femininity by weaving the bindi, the jhumkas and the kajal into Mora’s storyline. I know where I am getting my next sari from! 🙂

*Find Mora here: Blog, Buy online, Facebook

Inkling Prints

Inkling Prints is the baby of Kiran Ravilious, a trained graphic designer staying in Leicester, UK. Inspired by her husband’s print maker grandparents, Kiran ventured into printmaking, and now creates beautiful daily use items in linen, with her original lino cut, hand printed designs. I adore her collection of cushions with botanical motifs!

*Find Inkling Prints here: Blog, Etsy, Facebook

Udd means ‘Fly’. With a name like that, the collection had to be fabulous! And I wasn’t wrong – bright colors, bold prints and distinctive motifs immediately drew me to Udd. Yuti Shah, the creative powerhouse behind Udd is a graphic designer by profession and an artist by heart. She chucked her full time job to create original artworks that could then be converted into happy prints on fabrics, and can be worn and appreciated by people passionate about color, art and design.

*Find Udd here: Blog, Facebook*
Ek Karkhana

When I first saw the pictures on Ek Karkhana’s profile, I was struck by just how simple yet beautiful the designs were. Started by three friends, two from NID, Ek Karkhana means ‘a/one factory’. Inspired by travel, movies, art, Indian crafts and textiles, the Ek Karkhana team is definitely going to go places! I can’t wait for them to open their online store!

*Find Ek Karkhana here: Facebook, Email


Kalyani Ganapathi, is the creative brain and hands behind the design studio – Kye. Kye means ‘hands’ (in kannada) and captures the spirit behind the designs, products and philosphy of the studio. I love the fun graphics and the vibrant colors on Kye products. Hoping that they are available for retail online soon! 

*Find Kye here: Facebook, Email*

[Images copyrighted to respective designer/store. Additional content reference credit: For Ek Karkhana and For Inkling Designs]


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  1. Thank you thank you! So pleased to be mentioned along with all those lovely talented people, and on one of my favourite blogs!
    Much appreciated 🙂

  2. Amazing selection and many I have never seen! I like it especially the Ek Karkhana collection, the colors are rich and vibrant with creative designs.

    Great post, in BTW you have a very beautiful and creative blog, with interesting contents, keep it up.

    Have a lovely week! =(^.^)=

  3. Lovely … Some names are familiar.. some are new.. Among the new ones love the collection of 'Ek Karkhana ' the most…and cushions by Kangan… !!