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  1. so gorgeous and colourful
    they're very inspiring images – especially as spring and summer are just around the corner – a great source of inspiration! i just love this blog!

  2. Hi,
    I LOVE the photos you find- they are truly inspiring. Where in the world can I find similar furniture (the beautiful dining table, the blue-ish couch?). Any suggestions?

  3. So beautiful, quite rustic in styling. I loved the laid back vibe, as lived in as home design gets I guess on paper. All those bright colors seem to gel together as soon as someone calls them Argentine homes. Here in US, if you showed someone that photo and called it a home around the corner they would tell you to tone it down! What a difference location makes!

  4. Great example of how some textured textiles, natural woods and saturated colors can warm up the starkness of concrete flooring.

    Just what the doctor ordered on a rainy, gray Manhattan day!

  5. OMG! This is sooooooo gorgeous. I am going to be drooling over this for a long time to come!