Richa’s home

When Richa Kapoor shared her home’s pictures with me, I felt as if Mr. Blog has jumped off the blogger platform to live in a real home in California! Richa’s home is like my blog’s design dream come true. I absolutely love the eclectic combination of materials, forms, textures and colors from different parts of the world in her home. This home exudes a distinctive personality, and such warmth that I am in a good mind to join the crafty Mr. Blog for a personal visit to Richa’s home 🙂

And this what Richa has to say about her design style and home:
I am an educator by profession but an artist in my fantasy life! My decor style (if i can claim any) is unrestrained ethnic! I say so ’cause I can rarely pass up an opportunity to acquire naive and folk art pieces – a roughly-hewn wooden bowl from West Africa or a fantastic-looking Oaxacan dragon find pride of place in my home. Though I  make these objets d’ art work hard and rarely have pieces that are purely decorative. Lately I have become fond of postmodern pieces like kitschy, over-the-top platters and Andy Warhol pop art posters. Mostly, in putting together the home I share with my husband and our two daughters, I can say that I have tried to have fun!
Richa, thank you for sharing your gorgeous home with us!

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  1. Have known Richa ever since she was my English teacher in class 7. /ut was a treat to have her around then with all the creative assignments she used to come up with and its a treat to see this post now! She's a rock star and an amazing photographer too!! Richa please don't stop sharing the awesomeness and while you're at it, adopt me! 🙂

  2. The bedroom is so cute..!, and I notice a pink bolster in the bedroom. In Indonesia it's a must have for sleeping beside pillow. Same culture ?.

  3. Lovely home Richa! Where did you get the couch, if I may ask? A neighborhood cafe here in Fresno (CA) has a very similar couch. Some of us were wondering where did they get that one. But before we could ask that to the owner, she sold the place and the new owner has no clue.

  4. Aaahh!! I totally loved Richa's home, so colourful and interesting…my heart leaped with joy looking at the pictures…

  5. I admire the way she has broken the line in an angle. Instead of placing the rug and furniture parallel/perpendicular to the wall, she has shown her guts by using an angle. Good idea done neatly. I also like the colous, so vibrant, so lively. 🙂 Thanks for showing her home. It evokes inspiration.

  6. Oh my gosh, what a fabulous colorful home. My favorite – that orange chair. Really very beautiful and warm! Gorgeous home Bhavna and Richa!