Un Deux Trois…already!

 Hello again!
This is me
Me, the blog 
[Mr. Blog for the uninitiated]
Thanking you
For sharing the most incredible three years 
Of my journey through the world of design and interiors
Wish me
For I turn 3 today
And be with me
For many more years of this fun ride

Signing off: Mr. Blog
[also known by the fancy schmancy name – An Indian Summer]

[some pics from my home]

Happy Birthday!
 With love: Bhavna
The person who actually updates you, Mr. Blog
[And for the record, your name is not fancy schmancy. It’s quite nice. Go ask any one!]

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Comments (38)

  1. Happy belated birthday.. Mr. Blog… You know we love you…

    Bhavna.. You are the awesome-est woman.. ever!!! Keep inspiring us… with more.. and more.. and more..

  2. Me: Oh, Thank you all so very much! It's incredible to read your notes and feel the love :)…here's to many more years of this amazing connection!

    Mr. Blog(bowing deeply): B'day wishes from so many lovely women…now you know why I love my existence 😉
    Thank you girls…keep visiting me!

  3. Hey, sorry this comes a bit belated, OK a lot belated, but Happy Birthday on your completing 3 years!!! Your blog is inspiring and beautiful! Here's to another 30!!! Cheers!

  4. Happy B-day!!! I know it was a few days ago, but I still wanted to send you my best wishes to you and Mr. Blog!! For many more years to come!!!

  5. Congrats !Love your articles .Gives me inspiration to redecorate my house all the time .Wish you the best of luck for many many many more yers to come .

  6. Hey, I always thought it was a 'Ms.' or 'Mrs.' blog! My fault for gender stereotyping, I guess 🙂

    No matter what – good work, blog! Hope there are many more years to come!

  7. just like your name Bhavna, which means ' Emotion ' ; your posts bring out varied emotions while viewing and reading them ….. from joy to happiness at the colours to excitement to creativity to just calm and bliss at times …….. and every post is so so so beautiful 🙂 Keep up the good work and wishing you a very very happy birthday !

  8. Happy birthday to an inspiring blog..wishing you many more birthdays..thanks so much for sharing inspiring work

  9. Happy Birthday Bhavna! I love your blog and continue to be inspired by it. Next time we will meet in India!

  10. Happy Birthday Indian Summer ,you have certainly kept us attracted to your blog , hope you continue to do the same for many many years to come 🙂

  11. Congratulations Bhavna. From where we stand, 3 is a grand ol' age in blogland, but your blog is always fresh and inspiring, just getting better with time!

    Hope to witness more of your birthdays Mr. Blog


  12. Happy Birthday wonderful blog. You are my daily inspiration. Thanks for the beautiful visual treats Bhavna…here's to many more birthdays..

  13. Happy Happy Birthday to my favorite haunt on world wide web! Delurking to wish you many more b'days ahead.

    Congratulations Bhavna.