Sanskriti Lifestyle

Sanskriti Lifestyle is a little heaven that has a lifestyle store, an art gallery, a venue for cultural programs, and a high end-dining restaurant. Conceptualized and run by Sonali Pingale in Pune, Sanskriti Lifestyle promises to be an experience in itself!

I’ll take the chair if the cat comes with it! 😉

And a sample of art… Add Sanskriti Lifestyle to your Pune itinerary now!

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Comments (11)

  1. I am planning a trip to Pune. Instead of going on to dime-a-dozen commercial sites, I thought of exploring yours and I am as always enchanted. Btw, what is the address of this place?

  2. Those items are so unique and one of a kind. I just wish that I can visit that place one day so that I can have some of those unbelievable stuff.

  3. Hi Bhavna,
    Love the new look of your blog!

    I’m really enjoy the art from Sanskriti Lifestyle. Especially “Puja”. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

    Take care and enjoy London!

  4. I’m in love with that aqua table in the first photo! What a lovely store. I’m really enjoying glimpses into your world.