Anna Kubel

Strange are the desires of the heart and the vagaries of the mind. Since the last time I spoke to you, I have been dreaming of summertime in Europe. Those brief months, when the heat isn’t scorching your skin off, but the days are pleasant and the nights sublime. The fragrance of fresh bread from the bakeries in the morning, the tall jugs of sangria in the afternoon and the leisurely walks to the faint sound of changing musical notes, floating from the lively cafes and bars. Sigh. To be able to travel again and experience every moment of what we thought was normal life, with renewed appreciation.

Reminiscing of one such summer spent in Stockholm, I bring to you today the beautiful world of Anna Kubel. Anna is photographer and a stylist and stays with her family on a farm a few miles north of Stockholm. Her home is a picture-postcard perfect example of a chic cottage, and I love how she has found and created beauty in every little corner of her home and it’s environs. Take a look at my favorite spaces and moods from her home, and get a big glass of water (hyrdate! you gotta hydrate!), and dive into her home and her work here and here.


{All Images: Anna Kubel}

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  1. Lelle Taffyn

    how lovely to see this flower strewn home – tousled in such a wonderful comforting way – a delight!

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