Sneaking In Some Room Goodness

How have you been, my wonderful kittens? I am missing you and the blog sorely. And while the tech team works furiously behind the scenes to give this site a facelift, I am sneaking in one gorgeous post full of room goodness, for you and for me.
I love this feeling of nesting and repose that sets in as autumn turns to winter. While the early morning and late evening nip in the air draws me to rich hued, cozy rooms, the bright afternoon sun veers me towards sunlit, (relatively) minimal rooms.
I will be away from the blog for a couple of weeks now, but do remember, I post daily on Instagram! Follow me there and I will be back soon on the blog, with many new exciting features and a fancy pancy new website!
See you on Instagram and Facebook!
[All images: Sourced from Pino3Bravo]

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  1. Please come back! I don't mind if you don't have a redesigned website. I miss the bounty of your perfectly curated images. Instagram is not enough, please consider posting here again. We miss you,
    signed – a very big fan.

  2. This looks so bohemian and so stylish, it has so much character anf those bright colors look amazing. I love the warm n cool color combo, this really looks great.