You Sang To Me

There are days when you can not coax a word out of me. Rare days these, but yes, they do exist. And then there are days when my words for the day runneth over the quota cup for the day, many times over. So much to talk about, multiple thoughts to sort, extreme feelings to sift through, existential crises to be resolved, sneezes to be sneezed, tasks to be done…I could churn out post after post today, just monologue-ing about it all. But what do I do instead? I sing. Along with these spaces in this post that sang to me. That, by the way, is another big theme for me these days. I need to find a space that sings to me. A couple of days back, I tried explaining it to a broker and he gazed at me blankly for a few moments and then shook his head and mumbled something about ‘these creative sorts‘. He doesn’t know yet that I don’t give up easily. Or AT ALL. We are in for a long inning, him and I. Oh My God. I just used a cricket analogy. On my very own blog. Dammit. Time for me to hand over this post to you for you to feel these beautiful spaces sing to you. Over and out. [Dammit! Cricket has overs  and those men with bats get out  in it. Existential Crisis No. 6.2. I apparently have a thing for cricket now if this post is to be believed. Sigh.]
Those chairs? And the rug? They sang to me
Get me an earthen urn with some long twigs from the roadside any day 
Do I even need to say who is singing in this pic? Give me a cat on a shabby mustard couch and sure enough, the pic got to be on this blog of mine
Oooo….those tiles. And that top. 
There’s nothing more I like than a good DIY. Or Jugaad as it is known in India 🙂
Apart from that gorgeous mirror, what sang to me was the styling. The rose twigs and the green cabinet are made for each other.
I did spend an inordinate amount of time today searching for exactly these sort of rugs for an interior project that I am working on. The one on the right looks sort of like a kantha rug…what say?
Such a cute & cozy bathtub! 
No! Please don’t let it snow! But please do make more such sketches on a blackboard!
That pillow, people, that pillow. And the nightstand. I would change the art above it though.
Not only do we have pink bougainvillea here, but we have border-dyed pillow covers too! 
Al fresco sitting by the sea side. And my broker just rolls his eyes at this. Tch.
I’ll see you next week my lovelies. Take good care. Hope you have exactly the kind of weekend that you desire.
[Image Sources: 1, 2. Creative Storyboarding: An Indian Summer]


  1. All carpets are to fall in love!

  2. Hi there! A friend recommended your blog to me and it was a pleasure discovering it! Will be looking forward to following you:)

  3. I enjoyed this blog post. It was inspiring and informative. Motivational Blog

  4. I just stumbled across your amazing blog on Pinterest ~ it is GORGEOUS ~ thank you for the inspiration, I'll be sticking around 😉

  5. Superb decor… I just loved it… If I have a house like this, then literally I will start considering the richest person on the earth.

  6. Love the DIY canopy. ^_^ Jugaad is right!

    Beautiful ♥

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