A Good Storm

 Riders on the storm
 Riders on the storm
Into this house we’re born
Into this world we’re thrown…
[Play this as you take in the images below]
I love storms! The rain, the wind, thunder and lightning. People run to take shelter when there is an incoming storm, I run outside to stand in the vortex of it all. Hair flying, wind biting the face, grit on lips, eyes closed shut against the odds and ends flying around, the roar of the wind, the distant thunder and the flash of lightning – Ah! nothing beats this feeling! And you may wonder why I am all stormed up today – well, the weather here is just lovely! Strong winds, warm yet with a hint of oncoming cold rain. The trees outside my windows have been swaying wildly and I have been working and listening to my favorite stormy time music. I had a completely different post to do today, but the weather took over, and here we are. It’s hard to explain why these rooms and spaces are perfect to go with storms and this song, but they are. Evocative, full of character and depth, I would love to be in these spaces as a storm rages outside.
Tell me,
If you feel it too? 
And if you love storms as much as I do
[Images from: 1, 2, 3]


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  2. Awe inspiring……..

  3. As always… in love with the bohemian pictures …
    dar amïna

  4. Your description of your love for storms just spoke to my soul! I too LOVE storms and love dashing out in them to get soaked through and through. I feel exhilarated beyond words watching the trees wildly sway at the mercy of a greater force.

    Your rooms are lovely and much like how I have fashioned the rooms in my home; lots of color, comfy chairs, interesting art and lovely fabrics. I love a room to hug me when I enter and your rooms certainly do just that.

    Thank you for your beautiful words and gorgeous homey photos,

  5. Wow…. I wish I was sitting in one of those chairs by the window,enjoying the dim lit room along with a novel of my choice and hot steaming cup of coffee…. Hmmm the thought of it makes me delighted….

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