Them Blues

I have got the blues
The many shades of blue
The many moods of blue
From the faintest blue
To the deepest darkest hue
This post was blue
I need the sun
We need the sun
And warmth, that is true
This new year began a month too soon.
The End.
Your truly,
The mega furball
{I conveniently pass on the blame credit for the above inane ditty to my boy cat who is stuck to me like a giant fuzzy magnet these days, for where I go, the heater goes. Yes, I am cold. And blue. So my post will be abrupt and such. Send some warmth my way if you would like me to be my regular articulate & chirpy self. Thank you}
[All images: Pinterest. Extreme Poetry: An Indian Summer]

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Comments (5)

  1. Nothing's here to stay.. The blues come to cleanse our palate (or palette!)… to renew our romance with the warmer hues, each year! Shake it off, I say.

  2. I think a visit to B'bay should warm up furball and mistress! Lovely post, Bhavna, and gorgeous, gorgeous pics. You really have a great eye for picking the happiest blues 🙂

  3. Lovely post, Bhavana 🙂 Sending you lots of warmth and sunshine from our sunny Singapore!