Frédéric Méchiche

Large room awash with sunlight, walls either a rich deep color or pristine white, distinctly moorish decor and artefacts and lush textiles. I might have been describing a Moroccan riad except I am not! This is the house of the celebrated French interior designer Frédéric Méchiche, in Provence.  

Built by a Swiss architect in 1894, this villa called Aziyadé was acquired by Frédéric Méchiche and he transformed the run down structure into a home filled with oriental nostalgia from his childhood. The home has been done up with hand picked treasures from the antique shops and bazaars of Algiers, Samarkand, Cairo, Damascus, Beirut, Jerusalem and Istanbul, as well as London, Paris and the Cote d’Azur.



The following two images are from Frédéric’s fisherman cottage in Hyéres..
As always, travel bug bites when I see such beautiful interiors in equally gorgeous locales.
Now my left foot wants to go to Morocco and the right one to France. Sigh.
I squarely blame Frédéric Méchiche for this.

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