I slept in spring..

..and woke up in summer!

Just a poetic way to say
OMG! It’s hot and summers are here!
When did this happen!
What was I doing?
Was I sleeping?

If you still don’t believe me, just go through this post, ok? And listen to the playlist I put together for you. I was browsing through El Mueble, and I was drawn, like a bee to a flower, to summer-ish decor. You know, all light and white, and pinks and blues, and flowers and glass, and oh all that grass! Grass of the green-growing-under-your-feet kind. Maybe of the other kind too. Just maybe. Who can say. It’s summertime folks! 🙂

Listen to Summer

An all time favorite this one
From my younger, much younger days…Richard Marx, folks!
And if we are talking of my younger days, how can we forget Bryan Adams?

And finally, Summer Breeze

Now do you feel summer-ish? 🙂

[All Images: ElMueble]

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Comments (8)

  1. OMG… the music just makes this…. gorgeously gripping… no like really are you allowed to be all that alluring and spellbinding???

  2. Elmueble is my all time favorite mag !!! Love the soft light in all the pictures, styling and the use of colors to perfection ……….and with the music playlist, I've been transported to another world 😉 Another beautiful compilation Bhavana!!!