Color me tender..

Color me true
All my dreams fulfilled
For my darling
I love You
And I always will
[Elvis Presley, just for you]
This, I imagine, is what these rooms and corners must have been singing, as Rikki Snyder photographed them. Such bright colors and hues, straight out of a summer garden. See more of Rikki’s brilliant portfolio right here!
Precisely what I needed today. That song, and all this color 🙂
[All images: Rikki Snyder]

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  1. Hello, im trying to find out about indian decoration and i cant find a lot in google could you help me? i would like to know is there like good luck charms that you can put on your door or windows and what d they mean is there an online shop where you can order them. im new at this and
    found your blog. Could you help i know about the pigger picture what is key pieces but i would like to know deeper then that so thanks VIIRU