Color me tender..

Color me true
All my dreams fulfilled
For my darling
I love You
And I always will
[Elvis Presley, just for you]
This, I imagine, is what these rooms and corners must have been singing, as Rikki Snyder photographed them. Such bright colors and hues, straight out of a summer garden. See more of Rikki’s brilliant portfolio right here!
Precisely what I needed today. That song, and all this color 🙂
[All images: Rikki Snyder]


  1. Love the coloured tiles!!! such inspiration!!! do visit our blog too for inspiration!!

  2. Super inspiration for using colours!

  3. Amazing spaces and inspiring use of color… great post Bhavna!

  4. Oh how lovely ! I love the last two clicks !

  5. wow! colourful and cheerful rooms! love them all!

  6. As if straight from the story book..
    Loved this!!!

  7. Çok farklı bir dekorasyon olmuş.Her yer rengarenk…

  8. Anonymous

    Hello, im trying to find out about indian decoration and i cant find a lot in google could you help me? i would like to know is there like good luck charms that you can put on your door or windows and what d they mean is there an online shop where you can order them. im new at this and
    found your blog. Could you help i know about the pigger picture what is key pieces but i would like to know deeper then that so thanks VIIRU

  9. Just beyond our imagination of mixing colors….everything looks PERFECT!

  10. Just what I needed, too…

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