The Satyagraha House

The Satyagraha House, Mahatma Gandhi’s house in Johannesburg, SA, has recently been restored and renovated by the  French company Voyageurs du Monde. It is is now open to receive visitors at it’s museum and guests for stay. Heritage architect Rocco Bosman, and interior designers Amit Zadok and Christine Pulch, took utmost care to maintain the existing character and sanctity of the site and recreated the interiors keeping Gandhi’s philosophy and austerity as their guiding principle.
Khadi and linen fabrics, jute floor coverings, memorabilia from the days Gandhi and the house’s architect Hermann Kallenbach stayed here, period wood furniture, old photographs, simple and functional carefully selected decor pieces, all put together create an aesthetic, minimalistic and sustainable heritage home.
Mahatma Gandhi’s original attic bedroom, recreated with the help of images from the Gandhi Museum in India
Watch this short video for the story of renovation of The Satyagraha House. Not only am I impressed by the thought behind this project, I also really admire the style guideline and design aesthetics used to revive this house. There is a sense of calm, comfort, and, organization, that permeates through the house and can be felt through these images.  
Satyagraha: Satya means truth, and (A)graha means request/insistence. Read more about the Satyagraha movement here.
[Images copyright: The Satyagraha House]

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