Until the morning comes…

 ♫ The light is fading
But the stars are dancing bright
My mind is racing
Like clouds across the sky
How did you make me go…this far? ♫
A beautiful (though morbid!) song to begin the post with
This is what I happen to be listening to right now
And thought of sharing it with you
 Along with these beautiful (and not at all morbid!) rooms 🙂

The perfect nightcap: Books within reach
What finely crafted tables!

I would have removed the white picture frame in this room..

If ever you don’t find me, come look for me in this room 🙂

Look! Teeny tiny bowls on the box!
[All images courtesy: Canadian House & Home]


  1. Anonymous


    I bookmarked your blog a long time ago when I didn't have time to have a look. Just saw that I had to bookmark it.

    I thought, OK, now is the time for Indian Summer, Mid September, so I'll have a look.

    And wow, you have put together these photos of such amazingly personal styles, which inspire me a looot!

    Have a great day, all

  2. I like your Decoration its look Tradition as well as Royal

  3. you are always an inspiration…love the decor styles each time i visit here…

  4. Very nice, thanks for sharing.

  5. Luved all of them 🙂

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