As the week whizzes past

And I whoosh along with it,
I pause for a moment today 
To say hello
And to share with you
 That what caught my eye
In the rush of all the whizzing and whooshing

[From my favorite source of inspiration: Tumblr]
Sitting in my draft folder: All the fabulous designs that have come my way in the Logo Design contest; a showcase post where I’ll proudly present some very talented peeps and stores; a special post to get you started on the festive season; an artist’s profile and her lovely home; and last but not the least, showcasing the very talented young designer who is currently working with me to close on An Indian Summer’s shiny new logo! All this will come to ya very soon…just waiting for this whizzing and whooshing to let up! 

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  1. I am redesigning my house, Bhavana, for the festive season and hence decided to stop over here for some inspiration.
    Beautifully curated! I pinned the first and the seventh pic on Pinterest 🙂 and picking up ideas at the same time!