Got any spare change?

Well, you see
I need to buy one
Or, to be honest
A couple of these gorgeous houses
And any spare change would go a long way..
..In my dreams at least!
Fabulous homes, at excellent locations (like Goa!), many designed by the likes of Tarun Tahiliani, are in the market for sale. And, they are as expensive as they are expansive! But that doesn’t stop us from bookmarking our favorites, does it?

These beautiful rooms are my favorites from the homes listed on Prime Properties – a service launched by Saffronart and Cushman & Wakefield in April, 2010 to source and market premium residential real estate across India, initially through private sales, and later through online auctions. 


Got a favorite?
[All images: SaffronArt]
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  1. Loved the elegance and warmth in the first three images. The next few are so Indian with the traditional wooden furniture and the bright colors…Its so hard to pick a favorite. I wish I could stay in one of these for just a few day….