Will you still love me tomorrow?

Asked Mr. Blog
And I said,
Of course, I will!
I may not have posted for a couple of days
(ok, more like a couple of weeks)
But, I’ll always love you!
[Wah! Two songs already! One this and one that]

And I missed you too
My dear readers
From all the twelve..
No wait!
Thirteen is it now?
..Zodiac signs
What do you think of this new fangled sign? Will a lot of lost souls find redemption in the confusion Ophiuchus has caused?
I am sure it must have been the stars
That kept me away from you
I am back now
Though not with a bang
But easing my way back
(with a really sore back and a maniac disruptive touchpad, if I may complain a bit)
Into what has so far been
A very interesting year

 I’ll be back soon
For I do have lots to share
But tell me
Will you still love me tomorrow?
[If you hadn’t started humming yet, I bet now you will!]
[Vintage gorgeousness from one of my favorite blogs. Remember this?]

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Comments (27)

  1. Indian style really blasts for colors. I really love how these different colors come together in unity and create these amazing rooms.

  2. Hey! I missed you! Don't hide that often for your posts make me happy! You know, even with all the astrological changes going on these days, I'm still Leo and I'm a fan of Ophiuchus. Have a great weekend! Hope to read you soon! Kiss

  3. Lovely hues!
    and lovlier numbers!! thanx for taking me back!! so part of my teen and post teen years these numbers were! They take me back to those times, places, roads et al!
    sukhriya!! and welcome back!

  4. I have been waiting and hoping this blog would wake from hibernation. I fell in love in september/oktober and like all true love it will go on forever!

    Hope you will find time to stop by my blog sometime 🙂

  5. I love the 2nd and 3rd picture. Those textiles and prints make me swoon.

    As for the zodiac, I'm pretending I never read anything about a 13th sign. I'm sticking with Gemini even if it's not true.