Diwali Special – More Indian Style and Decor !

Dust, clean, scrub, sneeze, vacuum, polish, sing along, shine
Is what I have been doing since morning today
In preparation for Diwali
The happiness that comes from deep cleansing
 Is second to none 🙂
And, I do need to get back to dust, clean, scrub, sneeze and the like
So without much further ado
Here’s the second installment of
Indian Style and Decor

More on Diwali decor here

[Image credit: India Style by Monisha Bhardwaj. Photographer: Bharath Ramamrutham]

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Comments (3)

  1. So beautiful…I love the richness of color and design. It's so relaxing and so interesting and luxerious as well!
    Happy cleaning!:)