Villa Kadiri

So first of all, I don’t post for two weeks. And then when I do, I bring to you over-the-top exotic opulence from a beautiful desert land. Something that will require you to relax, take a deep breath, empty your head of everything else to make space for some über rich interiors, put on some soul stirring Moroccon music, and maybe wear your silk robe and those harem pants. I am all about creating the right mood today.

Presenting to you, the labour of love and indulgence from Morocco – Jaouad Kadiri and Priti Paul‘s home…or more apt, their palace. Working along with architect Stuart Church, Jaouad has created a home straight out of the tales of Arabian nights, with a fair dose of Indian mystique. Each nook and corner is full of rich colors and antiques sourced from the souks of Morocco and the bazaars of India. While everything put together gets a bit too much for me, there are elements and ideas from each room that inspire me.

Jaouad Kadiri and Priti Paul were in news recently as they hosted the Sex and The City 2 movie’s star cast at their yet to be launched hotel. Their fairy tale wedding a few years back also generated a lot of interest.
[All images sourced from media articles about Villa Kadiri]


  1. You are Shared Nice and Beautiful pictures .. Thanks

  2. Nice collection and very unique things. But how we could buy things like this? I searched it on Free Classified ads websites but didn't find any collection like this. Any suggestions??

  3. The flooring and the floor coverings are quite nice! Thanks for sharing!

  4. What stunning pictures! I LOVE your blog…I can spend way too many hours here. Thanks for all the inspiration.

  5. Thanks for posting such gorgeous pictures. I do agree though that this is not a "livable" home. Its more like a museum or hotel that one could spend a day or two. The colors and variety of elements would drive me to madness!

    Still, very beautiful to look at in person I am sure.

  6. I'm speechless, absolutely speechless and I think that very last photograph pretty much just sums it all up-BEAUTIFUL!

  7. WOW, I feel inspired !
    Thank you for creating the mood.

  8. Great choice for an article Bhavna.Jaouad Kadiri and Priti Paul sure live like KINGS and QUEENS of ancient time yet with a touch of all the modern facilities and technology of 21 CENTURY.

    As usual your choice was brilliant.And the pictures are simply breath taking.Have a hearty applaud from me Bhavna.You really deserve it.Just keep doing the good work.Compliments from Pay Per Click Services

  9. I love that first bedroom…great pics!

  10. L O V E L Y Let me wipe the drool on the keyboard 😮

    Are you into restaurants at all? I'm asking what besides the food (for e.g decor, ambience) plays a role in people choosing a certain restaurant and going back there? If you could help by giving your view, it'll be great 🙂 The post is here:

  11. Patricia

    I was in need of this refreshening images! gorgeous! I am in the process of painting my flat… getting lots of ideas 🙂 Have a great sunday evening!

  12. YOWzers! I am ALL over this. I'm totally drooling over these images. I adore Moorish and Indian design and colors. What a fantastic blog!

    Karen O.

  13. stunning as always! pop over to lovelyvelo today, i've left you a little blogger award 😉

  14. That was GRAND!!
    As you said,there are some tips that we can take from and try incorporating them in our homes, our palace!
    Those painted doors,the seating arrangements and the colourful decor struck me.

  15. wow – absolutely amazing!!!!

  16. Yukti J

    Keep the colours flowing …. awesome work , keep it up !

    Your blog posts are a pleasure to SEE n read 🙂

  17. Not sure if my first comment went thru…? But lovey pics Bhavna. Makes me want to redo my entire home in pinks and purples!!!

  18. Love the colors. Am so tempted to redo my whole house in pinks and purples now. Stunning pics Bhavna.

  19. Such gorgeous pictures!

  20. such gorgeousness – the villa definitely looks like a palace! thanks for posting these lovely pics, they were the perfect way to end the day for a university student who just finished 2 grueling exams 🙂

  21. wow!! Fantastic pics!

  22. Ohh gooosshh!! This is like my favourite-est post ever! What better for a lover of Moroccan interiors!! You know what I love the most about them? The purples, pinks and reds!! Oh and so much more!! Love this home!!

  23. Just discovered your beautiful blog! I've been lost in all the gorgeous pics for the past hour.

  24. Lovely designs and great colours 🙂

  25. The images were jaw-dropping!

  26. Very opulent and interesting home. Great post Bhavna.

  27. staggering….the bold use of colour…the framing of every view with a dramtic profile….I'm in awe that such a place actually exists. …..thanks for showing us…

  28. I LOVE. YOUR. BLOG!!! i want to live in it 😉

  29. You did warm us ahead of time! WOW, I am in total awe of so much beauty.

    I am glad you are back and thank you for updating us with a bang!

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