Finding India in Cape Town..

Antique furniture, chandeliers, jharokas, nandis, silver bed, patina-ed buddhas figurine, kilim carpets, brass thaalis, marble archs, carved pillars, jaisalmer stone floors, incense sticks, sikh paintings, stone idols, mirror work textiles, brass urlis… will be forgiven to think that I am sharing with you an Indian palace today. Though, on second thoughts, in a way I am doing just that; just the location of this magnificent home happens to be Cape Town’s historic De Waterkant. This, is Danny and Mitch’s home. Their love for collecting and preserving Edwardian and Indian antiquities is evident in each of the photographs below. See more of their museum like home here..

[Credit: All Images Frank Features]

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  1. Hi! do you have any idea where in cape I can find furniture like these? I was in cape town 3 years ago and stumbled over a huuuge store with loads of furniture and decorations. They had a huge stock of indian doors that Im intrested in. Now I have unfortnately forgotten the name and location of that exclusive store, I think they also had a store somewhere in Joburg.
    Thank you!

  2. Wow, I absolutely love this. It's so vintage but modern at the same time. I want everything in these pictures!

  3. my one question: how do they keep it clean? tee hee 🙂

    well jokes apart… my fave was the glass chandeliers and the veranda with the dining table… awesome find. thanks bhavna. – timsy

  4. Wow… beautiful antiques. Every corner featured in this post talks of details, art, love for antiques. Beautiful!

  5. This is beautiful. So much to look at but not overpowering at all. The kind of home that takes a lifetime to assemble.

  6. Thanks you…I die a little death everytime time I see those fabulous pearls (on Jagajit singh- king of kapurthala)

  7. Amazing!What a lot of nice pieces in one home.
    I think I would go crazy if I visited that home, though. My eyes would be bouncing all over the place, seeing one interesting piece here and skittering off to the next one there. And I'd be terrified that I'd bump into something and smash it!