Kishani Perera

I stumbled upon Kishani Perera’s portfolio and liked her way of incorporating Asian and Indian touches to primarily western interiors. Her designs very nicely illustrate the fact that oriental influence on design does not necessarily need to be over the top. Kishani has a bunch of interesting projects as part of her repertoire and she loves to use resources from around the world to bring an distinct interpretation of style to her client’s homes. Here’s a look at the designs from her portfolio that I liked :
Very simple and elegant arrangement on a side table. I really like the vase – reminiscent of traditional Indian pickle/chutney holders called ‘martbaan (in North India). Readers from India: I would love to know what are these called in your region 🙂
Old wooden chests work very well as a table

Traditional Indian furniture painted in bright colors add a touch of quirkiness to this room

Bright ‘sindoor‘ holder from Benaras on the centre table. These are available in many different sizes.

I like the cosy warm feel of this room with a ‘diwan’ style sofa and bright cushions

Like the wooden wardrobe at the back

Isn’t the wall color brilliant! The fabric on the bed has a design similar to that found in handloom fabrics from North East India

Love that quaint chair!

If those lamp bases are made of stone – then they get added to my wishlist immediately!

Another set of artefacts put together for a very elegant effect

The ‘jharokha’ style bookcase!

[All images: Kishani Perera]

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  1. Thanks Vasudha and Rajee! Do look through her website – her portfolio also has other design genres.

    Thanks Little dickens design!

    Ylang-Ylang Myrrh: Gracias! 😀

  2. Sharon, ckpadma, Lakshmi, Arundhati: Thanks you so much! :)…now I know what to ask for whenever I visit down south.

    Purplehomes: Good to hear from you! How have you been? Well, I have picked up small tabletop version from the Next Shop. Even I am looking out for the original bigger version – I guess they would be available in the old markets of Delhi.

  3. What a great blog! I would love to add one another as followers.Just our trying to network with other creative souls.

  4. Amazing images ,Bhavana.Wonder how and where you pick them up from.The jars which you asked ,are called "Uppu manga Bharani" in Malayalam ,meaning Uppu-salt,Manga-mango ,Bharani -type of jar in clay.

  5. Hello. Was checking out new blogs and came across yours and I think its really cool. Hey come check out mine if you'd like.

  6. Lovely post – love her work! And those pickle jars – the bigger versions of these are called "Buyaon" in Mangalorean Konkani, not sure what the word is in Goan Konkani:) The N is silent…if you can read hindi, you will probably know the correct way of pronouncing it:)