1. Just amazing the posts you write and photos and art you share, thank you~ I’ve missed your blog!

  2. feng shui perfection!

  3. incredibly beautiful. i especially love the last photo!
    aqua and yellow and two of my favorite colors 🙂

  4. Beautiful!

  5. wow. the bedroom is so gorgeous!

  6. Bhavna, these colours are positively yummy! Hmmm….how much does a trip to Bali cost? And most important, how much luggage is one allowed to bring back? : )
    BTW, thanks for stopping by my blog. Would you believe that my techno-fuddled brain forgot to program my blog to inform me about it? Aaargh! Sorry!
    Take a look at my other blog … I think you may like the pics on my post about Curcumas. Wazzat?? Find out… : D

  7. I just love the colours in the pictures! And the last picture with the bed; i want that bed!

  8. Ahhh…double,triple,quadruple delicious!!!

  9. Love the designs,

    you can feel the zen.very serene indeed.

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  10. Adorable! The colours have a smashing effect! WOW…

  11. wow! Beautiful, especially the first picture. I´m in love!

  12. Love the designs, you can feel the zen.very serene indeed.

  13. Bhavana,

    Can feel the zen in these rooms, very serene !!

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