1. Derilyn, yes that would be very nice. Add a couple of hookah’s and some arabic music…and you are back in the Arabian nights 🙂

  2. It’s amazing how a tent can really make an event feel more special. For small gatherings, it may be nice to create a tent in your own living room.

  3. Thanks for dropping in a note Henna! Yes, I have heard about Moolsagar…not visited the place as yet!

  4. Ouch! Moldy and green does not sound that enticing 😉

    Happy Girl sounds like a very state to be in Angie 🙂

  5. Mind if I join you Bibbi? 🙂

    Yup…something out of a fairy tale Irenu 🙂

  6. Thanks Tara and Yoli!

    My pleasure Gillian! All yours! 🙂

  7. Yup, specially summer evening parties Nay-k! 🙂

    Thanks a bunch Kittu! 🙂 Drop by often

  8. Wait, me coming too Anrosh!! 🙂

    Hi Chandan! Not an actual fan club, but yes a lot of people (specially us bloggers) are un-official fans of this home 🙂

  9. Some of these tents are from Jaisselmer, Rajasthan, India! I know, because I just stayed there last winter! They had just opened when we went and it was almost deserted but so beautiful and peaceful. They were at Moolsagar… quite beautiful.

  10. yes, yes, give me a tent like any of these in any enchancting setting and i’d be a very hapy girl! love this post!

  11. Gorgeous! We used to have a big white tent like the bottom photo but we finally had to get rid of it because here in Portland Oregon, it got too moldy and green. 🙁

    Lovely places to hang out and party!


  12. Parecen una inspiración del cuento de “las 1001 noches”

    ألف ليلة وليلة

  13. I would like to sit by the pool in the top one, thank you!

  14. I’ll take one of each please!!!

  15. This is so stunning that I am at a loss for words.

  16. So gorgeous! Love those bright colours.

  17. Hey Bhavna! I must say you sense of decor/style/color/basicallyeverthing are truely inspirational! I love your blog!!!

  18. WOW. what beautiful tents. great place for parties!!!

  19. Hi Bhavna,
    Thanks for dropping by. Lovely blog you have here..Love the post on Kathryn Ireland’s home, ( it even has a fan club??!) and this one with the awesome shots of tents too..

  20. The second picture – I am transporting myself there in a minute!

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