Who needs walls…

…when you can have a tent!


Specially tents as luxurious as these!


Be the queen (or a king) on a summer evening


Relaxing, wining and dining in exotic tents


That are inspired by the grandeur and opulence of Indian royalty




[And don’t forget to invite me!]




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  1. It’s amazing how a tent can really make an event feel more special. For small gatherings, it may be nice to create a tent in your own living room.

  2. Some of these tents are from Jaisselmer, Rajasthan, India! I know, because I just stayed there last winter! They had just opened when we went and it was almost deserted but so beautiful and peaceful. They were at Moolsagar… quite beautiful.

  3. Gorgeous! We used to have a big white tent like the bottom photo but we finally had to get rid of it because here in Portland Oregon, it got too moldy and green. 🙁

    Lovely places to hang out and party!


  4. Hey Bhavna! I must say you sense of decor/style/color/basicallyeverthing are truely inspirational! I love your blog!!!

  5. Hi Bhavna,
    Thanks for dropping by. Lovely blog you have here..Love the post on Kathryn Ireland’s home, ( it even has a fan club??!) and this one with the awesome shots of tents too..