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  1. Pretty pretty!!! & what a fun playful idea- especially loved the last image. Beautiful! I must be loving these travel pics cause Im JUST DYING to get out with my backpack!

  2. only if you live in a warm climate!
    if i had those in my house here in Toronto, i’d freeze to death in the winters. haha.


  3. Bhavna~ colorful post, love it! I wish I had known you posted the pink house I would have referenced your blog, which I love and try to read every day!

  4. Ah Tibet! Amber, its one of the most beautiful places on earth! Thanks for the hint – will check out The Company Store 🙂

    ;-)…Annie, these ‘curtains’ would probably mean a furtrated cat or two who treid climbing up the cutain but couldn’t!

    All yours Roma! 🙂

  5. I love those Tibetan prayer flags! If that view doesn’t make your spirit soar, what would? Thank you!

    The Company Store.com used to have a shower curtain made of strips (they might still). I always admired it in the catalog!