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I like finding design that reflects a distinct ‘east meets west’ aesthetics. Amy Lau‘s design for her client in Manhattan resonated with me completely. I can live in this home without changing a thing!

(Images from Elle Decor and Amy Lau)




Global decor and furniture from India, China, North America, Germany and Japan

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  1. Oh, the bane of work deadlines! The good thing is that you can very well demand a ‘well deserved’ vacation after a hectic work schedule!

    I have been planning to put up pictures of my home for some time now…but am so concious of the way the pictures turn out! Am practicing my photography skills these days, and I can definitely pick up some skills from you, Affinity!

  2. ohhhhh that bedroom is so
    inviting to me:)

    i am packing a little paisley
    bag with my pajamas and books and
    will go pop into that bed with a
    tray of chai and ginger cookies:)

  3. Hi Bhavna! thanks! i’m super busy nowadays. full of work deadlines to meet:( wow your home sounds interesting. any hope of letting us catch a glimpse of it? 🙂 🙂

  4. Hi Zobra! Welcome to An Indian Summer!
    Well, the one thing I have realized through the world of blogging is that each opinion and POV counts. And you might think you don’t know too much about design, but the very fact that you ‘like’ some and ‘don’t like’ some means you have the feel for design!

    Will eagerly wait to *hear* from you again!


  5. Kinda thought you would like this Gillian! xo 🙂 (btw- my home is in exposed brick, and I have a couple of internal walls in exposed bit too! These rooms were so inspiring for me since I realised that I am not really taking advantage of the ‘feature’ walls!)

  6. Hi there, thanks for your comment on my blog. This is my first one on your blog as I have been a bit nervous about writing a comment on the little known subject of design although I do love the photos you post on your blog and I love to read about design. I have been a regular reader but just could not muster up the courage to comment.

  7. Hello sweetie!
    That second last one and the very last one sing to me. Sing!
    I adore the exposed brick in the bedroom…and the colours. In the “Buddha” one, I adore all that red.