Opulence and drama

After spending my weekend enjoying minimalism, I needed my fix of drama and opulence. And what a dose it turned out to be! A dose from an exotic country. A country that I have come to regard as India’s ‘next of kin’, when it comes to richness and amazing variety of design, texture, color and tradition. Yes, you guessed it right – the country is Morocco!

Take a deep breath and dive straight into the pool of dazzling interiors…
Notice the beautiful work on the arch. Striking against the off-white walls and divan




Such a rare color to be seen on walls!



Love the lamp base in metal
I would want to hide the AC unit in this otherwise pristine room

I want to be here in winters when the fire burns in the fireplace. What place could be more warm and inviting…and dramatic?
I can’t take my eyes off the rug in the room…I wish I could see more of it…

Bedroom for the tribal princess?

Gorgeous tile work on the fireplace

Cool drama comes in shades of blue…



Furniture from yonder years, and turquoise blue bathroom


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Comments (24)

  1. Wow, what a beautiful home. I wish I could visit a home just like that. Thanks for visiting me, your blog has such great images. Eye candy!!!!! Love it!

  2. Bhavna I envy you. You really go places to places.I must thank you for letting us see such exotic and vibrant places. Thanks!

  3. Now this is perfectly me!

    I love everything especially the
    turquoise bathroom and that
    little sunlit window with the chair and
    round table – i am just making my chai
    and will be sitting in that little area

    beautiful beautiful!

  4. That mosaic fireplace is breathtaking! WOW… great images. I find that I’m growing a fond liking to Moroccan design more and more through great blogs like yours. Thanks Bhavna!