You’ll Find Me..

..In Bangalore 
Next week!
I am in the lovely city of Bangalore next week, at the invite of a breathtakingly beautiful boutique heritage property. I will come back with stories and pretty pictures of all that I experience, and for the first time, will give ‘live‘ blogging a shot over at my Instagram account! So if you would like to see surreptitious pictures of my co-passenger’s meals, aesthetically shot pic of my boarding pass, pics of fluffy clouds and a plane wing, my feet as they first touch Bangalore, my first coffee and the first idli of the day at Bangalore…don’t hesitate and send me a ‘follow‘ request on Instagram right now! 
And if the above doesn’t entice you, sigh, what to do? I WILL have to share pics from this heavenly place where I will be staying, the antiques that I will be marveling at, the boutique shops I will be visiting, the quaint bungalows, the cats I find and tickle, the fabulous textiles and crafts I gorge on, the cafes I visit, the wines I drink, the night sky from an organic farm, the rain…oh, the rain & thunder that I know is waiting for me in the city of Bengaluru. Find it all here 🙂
I’ll be back on the blog in the first week of June
You be good and you take care
Join me on this trip right here, on instagram!

P.S: Thank you so much for your warm messages after the last post. I am doing much better…travel acts like a ninja anti-illness drug and I am back on my feet again! The next few months are all about moves & travel…we are going to go places, my kittens, and puppies! 🙂

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