You were always on my mind..

Maybe I didn’t post as much as I could
Maybe I was busy doing something else
But when I saved these pics as I should
You were always on my mind
You were always on my mind
[creative meddling with Pet Shop Boys : You were always on my mind]
This is my song dedication to you for the hiatus of past couple of weeks. And please hum the song in the coming month too since I will be spending the next month on airport and NY and airport and Atlanta and airport and SF and airport and DC and….you get the idea, right? It is going to be a busy month, but, I will peep in once in a while and say hello. Since, you are always on my mind…you are always on my mind!
You know what else is on my mind? These lovely interiors from my ever growing inspiration files. And s*&% the formatting of the blog…I am sharing these pics extra large! Will work around the formatting when I redesign the blog in the new year. So till then, please bear with the somewhat messed up UE of the site. Focus on the pics. Scroll left to right if needed. Leave me comments and notes. And join the gang of followers on the left sidebar, and on facebook. That’s it. Quite reasonable demands, I must say..
[Image source: I don’t have all the sources unfortunately, but some pics are from: nytimes, americangypsydecor,,,, marie claire, lotusbleu, mlinaric-henry-rezvudachi, style-files] 


  1. Oh how funny. I've been reading what I thought were older posts and leaving you some comments. What I just realized was that they were OLDER!! posts. From 2years ago. Funny. So here it goes again. Happy very belated birthday and I hope that all those travels were good and smooth and on time!!

  2. Thank you thank you thank you. I love looking at design and decor photos but all of the contemporary modern and the fussy glamour decor styles just don't do it for me. I want warmth and colour and personality. I want Indian, moroccan, Bohemian. I love your blog.

  3. Anonymous

    Hi!!!I have to tell you,your blog is amazzzzing i just love the pics they really inspired me and make me feel one day I'll have my own home again…thank you!

  4. Anonymous

    I am new here , Just stumbled upon this blog and I must say, it is absolutely the besssssssssstttttttt!!! love u !!

  5. Magnifique intérieur américain ( ? )

    Béatrice de Lausanne en Suisse.

  6. I so wish my house looked like that.
    such a warm feeling to it.

  7. I was in Bali 😛

  8. Spend the entire morning surfing this site. Every time I am about to close the browser, images of superbly creative and crafted furniture or the hanging candles tug my heart. One more addition to my latest personal weakness – An Indian Summer. The ingeniously crafted home décor and furniture on this site would have you pining to do up your home once again.

    Loved your site that I actually wrote the above as a post. 🙂

  9. How are you doing Nay-K? Good to hear from you! Yup..that's one of my favorites too!

    merci beaucoup marie-aurore! 🙂

  10. This is the only kind of addiction I approve of Supriya ;-)…keep visiting!

    And where is the hug Gillian? 🙂

    Ah! Where did you vacation Srivats? And you are very welcome. I love putting together these posts:)

  11. Thank you Abha 😀

    Allison, this is the hook to get you back to India soon 🙂

    Agenta/Sweden – please feel free to do so 🙂

  12. Thanks Rajee! I am sure I will drop in a post or two – can't stay away from the blog for too long ;-). Am really looking forward to the shopping – what with christmas sales around the corner!

    How kbng, How?! But, you are here now! finally! I have been waiting, you know.. 😉

    Have a safe trip Lilac Tree! And do show us your fabric haul

  13. C'est absolument magnifique

  14. amazing bedrooms! love the one with the golden mirror and pink plaid

  15. I was waiting for your new post, but missed it while I was in holidays 🙂 This stuff is amazing, I can use most of the ideas from these pictures, Thanks so much for posting wonderful designs, It really helps!

  16. i glad about this sait!

  17. YUM!!!!!!!

  18. Supriya

    Am an interior designer and I just love your blog! I actually confess that I am ADDICTED!! You help fill those nostalgic thoughts in my mind about sweet home- India!
    great job-Keep it coming!!

  19. Yes yes yes, I am so happy that I have found your superb blog. Your photos are extraordinary and I love them!

    My I borrow some photos to my blog if I refer to your blog?

    Peace & Love

    Agneta & Sweden

  20. I just returned from India and was scouring the internets for inspiration on an India-inspired sunroom. This point made my day..possibly even my week! Thank you!

  21. Abha

    Bhavna, you have outdone yourself! Every one of these pics is truly a keeper.

  22. love it – love it – love it.. I am leaving for India this week, hope to do some proper fabric shopping. Wish you a happy busy month

  23. oh my, oh my, oh my, how have I not found your blog before? LOVE it – now I have to get back to looking at all your older posts!!

  24. Have fun hi flier … make sure you come back with loads of shopping … love all the pictures … you'll be terribly missed …

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