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Have you visited my new blog as yet? If not, let me ask you why. Why?What is stopping you from clicking here right now, this very instant, and spreading your love (and some world peace while you are at it) at An Indian Summer Likes?
Do I hear nothing? [well, I do have selective hearing]. Alright then, go right ahead. Don’t be shy. Click here!

:D…even before you tell me, filing this post under shameless self promotion… On a more ‘sober’ note, Thank you all who have been visiting me and leaving me notes and sending me emails. Yes, tumblr commenting is a bit confusing to those of us used to other blogging platforms. So responding to your questions via this post: In tumblr, if you have an account, you can ‘like’ a post (the way you do in facebook), and also ‘reblog’ the post. But you do need to have an account for that. You will find these icons on the top right of any tumblr blogs’ page once you create your own tumblr account. If you don’t want to open a tumblr account, fret not! You can leave a comment via the disqus commenting system…and no, you don’t need to have an account for that. Just click on the post heading (date/time in this case), and you will find the comment form. Hope this helps! See you around soon 🙂 And while we are it, a big shout out to the growing An Indian Summer tribe on Facebook! It is really awesome to finally ‘see’ you. And of course ‘An Indian Summer Gang’ is going great guns…we are 15 short of hitting 300 followers as of right now. So hurry up, join in. I have always liked the number 300 🙂
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