Where Am I?

I am in London for the next one month – will be busy with work, and then a vacation. Will drop by once in a while to say hello to you! :-)[Image courtesy: se9_London’s @ Flickr]


  1. have an awesome holidat bhavna….according to me london is best city becoz of its old world charm and new modern outlook! both are blended superbly there!!!!!the above snap is rocking!

  2. Have a great time!

    This is my first visit to your blog and WOW. I’m so inspired!

  3. How are you & I'm sure you are enjoying London 🙂 But we are missing you!!! 🙂

  4. Enjoy your trip and make sure you take a ride on the eye – quite beautiful scenes of London. The Tate Modern is also quite fabulous. If you go there, walk along South Bank and see the marvelous shops and places for lunch at Gabriel’s Wharf and visit the National Film Theatre.

  5. Enjoy your Hollidays!

    Perhaps, you can visit the Victoria & Albert Museum and show us some photographs.

  6. lucky you!

  7. Above London photo is looking really cool.

  8. Have a great time in London.

  9. Happy holidays Bhavna, have a fab time!

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