When Ikea Calls

You pack your bags
And say
Hold the plane,
I am coming.


An Indian Summer has been invited by Ikea to attend the two day fun and collaborative event – Democratic Design Days, in Almhult, Sweden next week. Ikea has been an intrinsic part of my early design appreciation and education and I am chuffed to be a part of the first ever select group of media editors from India to be invited for the event. The interactive event will give us a ringside view of Ikea’s new product range, collaborations and an insight into the design and product development process at Ikea. I am also looking forward to talk to Ikea insiders and get the scoop on Ikea’s grand launch in India next year! And if you are at #IkeaDDD too – do come and say hello!
I will be sharing all (mostly live) on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Make sure you follow @AnIndianSummer to tune in!
~ An Indian Summer Travels ~ 
Once I am done with the event, for the rest of the month, I will be solo-tripping through some of my yet-unexplored cities in Europe. Readers in and from Sweden {Stockholm}, Denmark {Copenhagen} and Czech Republic {Prague} – holler and let me know if you are there and what would you recommend I do, I see, folks to meet, what are the must buys, the little known secrets of these cities, the experiences that I must not miss (oh, and also what I should definitely avoid), the day trips around – tell me all! I would love to hear from YOU!
And needless to say, my wanderings and finds shall be duly captured and shared on Instagram. Do travel with me there!



Before I fly out, I will pop in here again on Monday, with the latest from one of my favorite brands and set of people.
And then I will see you from the other side!
[Image Credits: Ikea Today and Ikea Ideas. Travel: Stockholm, Copenhagen, Prague]



  1. Prague….. Ohh at first it looks intimidating but spend a few days there and you ll not want to leave. Discover the route from old town to new town, late night walk along the charles bridge, late night visit to the lennon wall, Shopping along Wenceslas square into republic square, the museum of communism is a must visit.

  2. 'Tivoli' in Copenhagen is always a nice walk in an old type amusement park. And find the cute little stores and restaurants in the side streets just off Stroget (the main shopping street.
    'Turning Torso' in Malmö is cool, if you're in to modern architecture.

  3. Congratulations Bhavana! You deserve every bit of this. Enjoy your trip and I look forward to reading all about it – living vicariously through your travels 🙂
    God bless and happy landings!

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